Recipe: Sautéed Asian-style Cabbage

Asian-style Cabbage Feature
I absolutely adore Asian food! Lately, I’ve been cooking my little heart out of Russ Crandall’s Paleo Takeout – you can read me review of this awesome cookbook here. I really take pleasure in the main dishes served over traditionally steamed rice, however sometimes I try to eat
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A Personal Secret + Recipe: Easy Garlicky Green Beans

Recipe: Easy Garlicky Green Beans
I have a secret...I’m kind of a picky eater! Yep, this nutritionist who advocates eating a rainbow color of vegetables daily sometimes has a hard time doing it herself. I’ve made a conscious effort over the years to add more variety to my daily vegetable intake by trying new ones.
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Recipe: Savory Pork Breakfast Sausages

Savory Pork Breakfast Sausages
I set out to recreate the flavor of those traditional American breakfast sausages. After a few tries at tinkering with the recipe, I knew I had it right when my husband said (and this is verbatim), “Yum! These taste exactly like the sausage in a Sausage with Egg McMuffin!”
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Recipe: Quick ‘N Easy Paleo Mayo

Quick 'n Easy Paleo Mayo Recipe Video
If you’re missing mayo because you’re trying to follow a real food template, there’s good news! My homemade mayo is simple to make and has none of the unhealthy ingredients of the store-bought varieties.
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